Top 10 Websites For Finding Work Abroad

Finding Work Abroad

Regardless of which country you live in, you may have had a desire to go to work somewhere in another country. But in order to go to work in another country, you first need to find the job itself. If in your home country you most likely know how to find a job, but with other countries it’s a little more complicated. Nowadays, even in your own country, you can look for a job online, so if you are modern and advanced and have access to the Internet, you can easily look for a job not only in your country. This can open up many possibilities, which is actually very cool.

But it’s more difficult to work abroad than at home. They’ve their own customs and rules, which can be very different from what’s in your home country. And when applying for a job in another country, you’ll have to put up with it, and get used to working in that country. Also, applying for a job in another country is several times more difficult than applying for a job in the country in which you’re a citizen, and in order to work, you’ll definitely need to know English, at least. And some professions will require knowledge of the native language of the country. But in some cases, working abroad has much more to offer: better pay and working conditions than working in your country. And sometimes some sacrifices are worth it to get a chance at a good life.

Which sites should you try to look for work abroad?

1. Layboard

The site is a relatively large and popular international site with vacancies in many countries of the world on different continents. All vacancies are correctly divided by country and type of employment, so the job search will be as simple and clear as possible. A separate category is vacancies for remote work. You can view all the vacancies, of which there are about one hundred thousand on the site, and there are vacancies for a variety of workers with different qualifications who have the opportunity to submit their applications and contact employers

2. Viadeo

A professional social network that’s similar in principle to the more popular LinkedIn in the world. This social network was created in France about 20 years ago, and now it has a fairly impressive number of users. Only 9 interface languages are available for site users, but if you know English, this won’t be a problem.

3. Tyba

This is a Spanish site that also offers jobs for industrious employees. It mainly posts vacancies for employees who would like to work in new startups, and vacancies are posted there from the respective companies.

4. Job and talent

This Spanish and British company is a young company that launched this site not so long ago. This site is very interesting in that it compares the data of employees with vacancies using the algorithm of linguistic parsing of vacancies and resumes, which helps employees and employers to find each other more easily. Jobs from the site are only available in eight countries.

5. Games Jobs Finland

This is a site to make it easier for those who work in the gaming industry to find work. This site mainly offers vacancies in gaming companies in Finland, in such well-known companies as Rovio, which are the creators of the Angry Birds series of games.

6. Indeed

A site that some resources call the largest job site in the world, and it actually contains a huge number of vacancies from different countries and places. There are so many ads here because they’re collected from both employer sites and sites that also post vacancies. But also here users can leave feedback about this company or work in it. This site is very popular among those workers who are looking for a job in the field of IT.

7. Work remotely

This free search resource contains job offers for various full-time projects or part-time jobs from companies based around the world. All vacancies are divided into categories, but you can also select only the necessary vacancies using special search filters. The creators of this site are very much spreading the type of work from home, and even created entire communities in all social networks that relate to the site and the search for remote work. Contains a fairly large number of vacancies from employers with whom you can contact and get a job.

8. LinkedIn

An excellent and very popular resource for employees and employers, whose users have the opportunity not only to search for a job, but also to find useful work connections. To date, this community has about half a billion registered users from about 200 countries around the world, and there are vacancies and contacts of people to contact them. There you can learn information about the recruitment of staff, various professional secrets, and you also have the opportunity to share your resumes and look for a job, for which this site and social network were created. You can search for vacancies depending on the company as well as the region or country in which you are going to work. You can also select vacancies by whether they are still relevant or by the date the vacancy was published. Also, this site is very interesting in that very popular and large companies with departments around the world are looking for personnel for employment here. But they also have high requests.

9. Flex jobs

Another very good place to look for a job. It’s also quite safe, since on the site those who post vacancies have the status of “verified company”, which shows that it’s a reliable employer that’ll not violate the law. Like LinkedIn, this site resembles a social network for communication between employees and those who provide work. There are a lot of different vacancies, both for ordinary employees and for representatives of top management. Also, vacancies are available in completely different fields of activity, which increases the chances that you’ll be able to find a job there. There are also many vacancies here from employers who provide remote work for their employees, and what about companies – here you can also find offers from very large organizations and companies that are known all over the world.

10. Mediabistro

Like all the above sites, this one makes it possible to quickly find work in different places of the world, but its peculiarity is that most of the vacancies here are from the field of advertising, PR and media. Even the most famous media holdings from all over the world publish their available offers on this resource. There are a large number of vacancies for work in the US, as well as a large number of available vacancies for remote work in the same holdings. Also there you can find specialists who’ll help you upgrade your resume so that you’ll be the most desirable employee thanks to him.

Work abroad is available. It opens up new opportunities, it’s, in fact, the gateway to a new life with new opportunities. But to work abroad, you need to put in a lot of effort, know more, and prepare many times more documents. But all these efforts will quickly pay off and you’ll be able to enjoy your good life.