The Similarities & Differences Between Indian Languages

Looking to learn more about Indian languages? This article is a great start, with beginners information on how Indian languages relate to each other.

India is an incredibly diverse place, and like many large countries, contains multiple languages, and multiple dialects within those languages. At present, around 22 Indian languages are officially recognised by the government, although there are many more, running into the hundreds, spoken across the country.

Indian Language Roots & Language Families

The languages that are spoken in India go back a very long time, when the population started with just two language families – Indo-Aryan and Dravidian.


Indo-Aryan languages come from Sanskrit and the majority of North India speak Bengali, Punjabi and Hindi, which fall under the Indo-Aryan language family. The language family contains various dialects and languages beyond the most recognised types and has some heavy Persian and Arabic influences at its heart.


In Southern India the majority of the languages spoken come from the Dravidian language family, which sounds completely different to Indo-Aryan. The Dravidian language family includes languages like Malayalam and Tamil but again, like Indo-Aryan, it also contains many other languages and dialects within it.

Understanding the language families of a country’s languages is important because it enables you to get an idea of which languages might be more similar than dissimilar.

Indo-Aryan languages like Bengali and Punjabi are considered Indian languages but they are completely different to Dravidian languages like Tamil. For that reason, if you’re using Indian language in a marketing voiceover or educational film, you cannot just choose any Indian language as you could completely alienate your viewers.

It also helps to understand if you’re travelling to, for example, North India, speaking Bengali could mean you’re understood across the area, to some degree, because it is in the North India language family. Speaking Bengali in Southern India though, you may not be understood by anybody.

In addition, there is a deeper cultural divide with the Indian languages between the North and South. This is because in the 60’s the Indian government sought to make Hindi the official Indian language but South Indian people who mainly spoke Dravidian languages, which has an ancient cultural heritage, were angry about this and protested against it. So Hindi is widely understood across India, but in certain areas of India, speaking it could cause you to look rude and offensive because of this history.

This is particularly important when it comes to marketing to certain parts of India, where the wrong language could not only cause your audience to struggle to understand your message, but you could even offend them.

The Official Languages Of India

There is actually no official language of India, although many people feel that English and Hindi are the most widely spoken and, therefore, should be the official languages in modern times.

Across the country though, strengthening the reasons an official language would be difficult to choose, over 780 languages are spoken, and more dialects within that number. 22, though, are recognised by the government and include:

  • Bengali
  • Telugu
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Urdu
  • Kannada
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi
  • Assamese
  • Malayalam
  • Konkani
  • Manipuri

If you’re looking for the most common language understood across India, you’d be hard pressed to find one more understood than English on a broad spectrum. Hindi is commonly understood and spoken, but as we mentioned above, it can cause offence in some areas. English, however, is spoken by nearly 90% of Indians in urban areas. So any marketing or travelling in the main cities of India would lend itself to speaking English, or using English speaking voice over actors. Rural areas, though, have over 96% of residents who do not speak any English, which means a specialist regionalised campaign or language programme might be needed if you plan to operate in those areas.

How Will You Further Your Understanding Of Indian Languages?

If you want to include Indian in your business globalisation marketing, or to make your business education more accessible, speak to a professional voiceover company. They will be able to provide Indian language services for subtitling and voice overs that are accurate and correct, ensuring a professional, polished result for your campaign.


A Guide for Becoming a Successful Language Tutor

Learning a new language might seem like a daunting task and probably an impossible achievement to attain. However, teaching foreign languages might seem more intimidating.

Many tutors understand that fluency will not be enough to be a great and effective teacher. Basically, language tutors are unsung heroes, and like many great heroes, there are secrets to becoming a successful language tutor. These secrets include the following:

1.      Make Students Feel Confident

It is a great idea to start tuitions at an easier level than the learners suggested in an earlier communication. You may test whether to move ahead faster by challenging them in the process beforehand.

This will help them settle with private tuitions and discover their actual ability level. In addition, it will enable you to make sure they make some progress during the first lessons of learning.

2.      Encourage Activities beyond Classroom

In order to learn new languages effectively, students should be engaged, even when they are outside the classroom. Provide your learners with the right tools to practice beyond homework by assigning exercises, which need interacting with the right individuals.

For instance, if you are teaching Italian, make sure you motivate your learners to visit local Italian cafés or restaurants to order food in Italian.

The primary idea is to expose your learners to how the language is applied in real-life situations while providing examples.

  1. Create a Positive and Safe LearningEnvironment

Making mistakes and having a chance to learn from them is the key to learning a new language. The way you structure your online language courses and how you give feedback impact the sense of security of your students.

Whatever your preferred methods are, if your learners are to improve their skills, they need space free from making mistakes and judgment.

4.      Establish a Healthy Relationship

If you have a caring and healthy relationship with your learners, you may influence their life quality, attitude, and behavior. Showing interest and care in your learners’ lives serve as an important tool in your arsenal to wield tutoring power.

It is sensible to set a good and positive student-tutor relation to establishing a beneficial learning climate where learners are willing to perform, receive support, and are not shy.

5.      Maximize Talking Time

Having learned several foreign languages yourself, you will basically know how vital it is to practice some speaking skills. This is the reason some tutors go overseas for several years as part of their degree.

However, most students don’t have these opportunities in class. Although listening exercises, reading, and writing might be done independently, quality talking practice is difficult to come by.

Therefore, try to use activities that will get your students talking. This can be something simple as asking questions or using stimulus cards, such as those in speaking exams.

Final Thoughts!

Online and private tutoring is becoming more popular these days. Most parents are eager to access better educational resources for their kids, adults have interests in learning new skills these days, and learners need a tutor to guide them academically.

Being a language tutor can be a great side-gig or a full-time job, especially if you know the ropes of doing it right.


How to Prepare for AIBE 2021 Online?

All India Bar Examination or AIBE 2021 is a compulsory exam for law graduates to get the Certificate of Practice (COP). Through the certification, they become confirmed and eligible law practitioners. Any student graduating in law from 2010 onwards will need to pass the All India Bar Examination to practise law in India. AIBE 2021 test is how BCI tests a candidate’s legal knowledge, conceptual clarity, and dynamic abilities.

Until 2020, AIBE was conducted as an open book test, allowing candidates to carry their notes, books, and study material inside the test lobby. Yet, in 2021, BCI has altered this pattern, and AIBE is no longer an open book. However, candidates are allowed to carry the Bare Acts notes inside the exam centre.

The significant change in the test design has made the law test more difficult for the applicants. Thus, a proper and thoroughly examined AIBE preparation strategy is essential for the candidates.

AIBE Preparation Strategy

Knowing the syllabus is the basis of preparation

The syllabus consists of 19 subjects that are divided into two groups. They are:

Group-I: 7 questions will be asked from this unit.

Group-II: 23 questions will be asked from this unit. Apart from that, it also covers questions from previous years’ question papers.

The applicants showing up for the Bar test should know the subjects, weightage of questions, types of questions, and other specifications related to the test. Apart from that, candidates need to be aware of the syllabus. Here are some critical AIBE 2021 test design features:

Features Details
Exam manner Paper-Based Test
Exam length 3 hours 30 minutes
Test medium 11 languages
Topics 19 law subjects
Total questions 100 questions
Type of questions Multiple choices-based questions
Marking Structure One mark for each question

No negative marking for wrong attempts

Finding the suitable study material

It is essential to pick excellent and reliable study materials for the AIBE preparation. There are many books available and online resources from where a candidate can prepare. A candidate needs to be very particular while opting for the sources for their preparation.

Finding the best books

It is not good to rely on a single book for AIBE preparation. That is why it is fundamental to have the proper set of books a long time before the test and study them sincerely. Few books that the candidates can utilize for AIBE 2021 planning are:

  • Fundamental Rights

– Uday Raj Rai

  • Public International Law- V.K Ahuja
  • Patents Act-1970 – Taxman
  • Human Rights- H.O Aggarwal
  • Intellectual Property Laws- Private Publication
  • Guide to All India Bar Examination- Dr P.K Pandey
  • Law Exam Times (Vol.16)- Dr P.K Pandey
  • Practice Test Papers for All India Bar Examination- Shock Thorpe
  • Central Law Agency All India Bar Examination (AIBE) Guide- Dr S.M Rajan & P.K Jain

Practising with Previous Years Papers of AIBE

One ought to tackle a ton of AIBE previous year papers before going to the assessment. It makes the competitor acquainted with the test scheme, trouble level, and different parts of the evaluation. Likewise, rehearsing the AIBE test papers in a coordinated way would assist the candidates with mastering time usage abilities which are significant for clearing AIBE.

Focus on topics with more weightage – AIBE 2021 covers various topics; however, the weightage given to each topic isn’t the same for all; therefore, the applicants should focus on points that have more weightage in the assessment.

Step through mock examinations

Once in the wake of finishing the whole syllabus of AIBE 2021, candidates should rehearse a mock test of AIBE. While rehearsing the mock tests, they can check their speed and precision of settling questions and deal with the inadequacies.

Accordingly, it is good to take different mock tests before appearing in the actual exam so that a candidate can assess their readiness and keep tabs on the development.

Revision is one of the significant perspectives for passing any test. Therefore, competitors should make sure that they revise the topics no less than 2-3 times before they show up for the entrance test.


Online Education

Reliable Outlet for Management Courses Online In Australia

Are you an employee that wants to take his professional skills to the next level? Then you will benefit a great deal from management courses. These courses can open your eyes to a lot of things and can also teach you the latest ways of doing things so that you can become more productive in your profession.  If you want to keep your job during times of downsizing, one of the best ways to make your company see you as an irreplaceable asset is by going for management courses. Management courses can help you to improve your decision-making skills. If you want to have a better understanding of change management, management courses can also help you out.  If you know little or nothing about the role of a manager, a management course can equally help you out in this situation.  You can even register for online management courses today hassle-free.

There are so many outlets providing management courses online today with all of them claiming to be reliable. It is unfortunate that only very few of them can be trusted.  One outlet you can always trust for top-quality management courses online is none other than The College for Adult Learning. This outlet has proved itself to be reliable over the years and we are going to show you a couple of features that make the outlet the perfect place where you can register for management courses online. 

Outstanding management courses for all

This outlet offers series of courses designed for adult learners that want to learn about management. If you have taken up a management job or you are newly promoted into a management position in the company where you work and you want to know more about what the roles of a manager are, you can come over to this site to register for online management courses. The course will open your eyes to what your roles as a manager are.  Each of the courses offered here is designed in such a way to make you succeed in your managerial work.  The professionals offering the courses are focused on giving the students a wonderful experience, an experience that will transform them to management professionals very fast.  There are so many professionals at this outlet and each of them is committed to creating wonderful outcomes that will make the students better at what they do by the time they complete their training here.           

There are series of courses available here and you can pick any that is just perfect for you. Do you need to be trained on construction management or project management? This outlet is one of the best places to visit for that. You will always be able to find the perfect course for you at this outlet.  



Understand The Benefits of Private Tutoring

If your young person is having difficulty with his or her exams, private tutoring may have the option to help him, or her reach the goal. Your young person’s school or instructor may have the opportunity to suggest that someone or your caregivers use a guardian for their children. Learning centers also have accessible tutoring in castle hill and could be the ideal decision despite being a bit more expensive. It is better for your young person if they can be guided home instead of a place where they do not feel well. Private education can benefit your young person in many ways.

If your young person has a learning disability, a tutor can help him stay up to date with exams to stay in class with his classmates and not feel weird being placed at an extraordinary level. A private teacher will want to help young people with dyslexia and ADHD improve what they need to don’t achieve the goals you have for them in school.

If your young person is exhausted from school and should be tested, a private teacher may be the right answer you are looking for. In this day of huge classes and instructors struggling to ensure that every child can meet the lowest score on government tests, many talented students are overlooked. A private teacher can solve an exercise plan around the topics that your young person wants and help him improve his maximum capacity.

No matter how young you are, they are exposed to state-administered tests every year. A private teacher can legitimately give exercises to pass these types of exams and help students get a higher score. This proves to be critical later when school selection tests appear, and your young person’s entire future can be based on the score of a state-sanctioned test.

Maybe your young man is a super student, but he has a problem with one subject. You can discover tutors who have practical experience in every area you might imagine. As your young person is taught to improve in that area, the skills he acquires will persist and make him an improved substitute, taking everything with different subjects.

A private teacher can prepare your child by acquiring and studying skills that will help him now and the rest of the school. Many students do not have the most exact idea of ​​focusing on their work or taking notes properly in the class. These are skills that a tutor can train.

Each young person adapts differently and has an alternative character. You can coordinate your child with a guardian who has a comparable name so that the child responds well. A tutor should also have the option to show the material how your child learns best.

Getting a private teacher for your child can be perhaps the best choice you make at any time. Your child will compensate you by improving the school’s execution and the desire to improve and learn more.


5 Life-Changing Study Tips for the Unfocused

Studies show that the more you learn, the more you earn. According to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with a college degree earn more than double the wage of those without a high school diploma.

So, the next time you feel your attention flagging, keep your eyes on the big picture.

Studying is a drag most of the time, but you can make things easier for yourself with these study tips to help you ace your next exam.

1. Set Yourself Up for Success

Getting organized is your first step toward staying focused and developing good study habits. Set up an area where you can study undisturbed and diarize important study-related dates.

There are a host of tools available online to help you deal with deadlines and avoid distractions. Some of the best social emotional learning books ones are Todoist, Trello, Freedom, and Focus.

Take regular breaks to refresh your mind. Taking a walk or spending some time meditating are great ways to prevent mental fatigue.

2. Learn From Others

There really is a YouTube video on every topic these days. One of the best study tips for visual learners is to find an online video explaining difficult concepts.

Not only can this help clarify the topic, but it’s the best way to learn if you find your mind wandering every time you come across a wall of text.

3. Study Tips For Exams

One of the best tips on how to study is to practice with old test papers. You can get your hands on exam papers and answer books for even the most complicated topics nowadays, see here for an example.

When you use these study tools, you become familiar with different exam formats as well as what it takes to pass an exam.

You can figure out how little or how much information to offer for various question formats. You’ll also get an idea about what the examiners expect from you.

4. Talk Yourself Through It

Try explaining sections you’ve just learned to someone else. You’ll be explaining it to yourself at the same time.

Enlist the help of younger siblings as a sounding board, talk to yourself in the mirror, or tell your pet all about it. Relaying the information this way is one of the most effective study tips for getting things clear in your mind.

5. Ask For Help

If you’re battling with a particular concept or can’t manage to stick to a routine enlist help. Your fellow students, mentors, and online student groups are valuable sources of support.

Even correspondence courses offer online support systems and forums you can reach out to when you need a little lift.

Make the Most of Your Studies

It might not seem like it right now, but your student years are some of the best times of your life. Apart from the social aspects of attending school or college, it’s a wonderful time of learning and discovery.

Make the most of this time by browsing our blog for more study tips and other useful information for students.



Guide to Virtual Graduations

Graphic created by Graduation Source.

Online Education

Managing the Contraction Work with Certain Estimations

Nowadays, there are different types of things that are going online. From the businesses to the school’s everything is done through the Internet. If you wish to ensure that the construction work is estimated. This will help in forming the timeline to ensure that you can do it easily.

You must check out the online services’ details to get an idea about the work. The people who want to work in the construction industry should consider looking for these courses to become eligible for a license.

These courses can provide some essential details about the construction work. After applying for the courses, you can learn how you can get a license. All the information is available online, and you can usually get in touch with the right people to learn more details.

Get a quick estimation for all the construction work

There are different types of projects which need to manage efficiently. To make the work done on the promised time, various types of data need to be considered. That is why you need to look for an expert who can help provide the work’s estimations.

You can get quick estimations for the construction work from a qualified professional. Once you have all the necessary details, then you can expect the best results from themselves.

Helps in saving a lot of time

The experts can easily help you save a lot of time by making necessary changes in the entire workspace. It needs to be done effectively by analyzing the data and providing basic knowledge about the construction industry. You can easily depend upon the online construction estimating to help with the work. It will surely prove effective for overall construction work.

Offers accurate data based on statistics

You can also learn that the experts will provide you accurate data based on statistics and other details. Once you take their help, you will realize that all the details will be based upon the statistics.

This way, you can easily trust the decisions about making changes in the industry. It can help you in the long-term and ensure that you won’t have to face any work issues.

Services from a qualified professional

You can improve the quality of the work when you check all the things about construction projects. You can learn that qualified people should only do all the services offered by these types of work. You need to look for the courses that can help you get a license for the construction industry. You can easily manage your time to ensure that there won’t be any problems with the construction work

You can easily look for all the necessary details about online construction estimating. It will be a great way for you to get better opportunities in the construction industry. You have to make sure that you get all the necessary details about the work. So, you can expect the best solutions whenever you get their support. Ensure that you take your time and get all the necessary information.


The 10 Germiest Places In Your School

The 10 Germiest Places In Your School created by Spotless Cleaning Chicago.

Online Education

Highlight the Characteristics of a Good Online Tutor

The Internet has bought ultimate changes in every field from medical to education. It changed our way of thinking, routine, and also a mode of study. Few generations back when there was no internet facility students were limited to bookish knowledge. They had no other source so that they could explore new things. For any doubt in any subject, they had to go to the tutor to get help. Now the situation is completely changed.

Online studies give so much convenience to every student they can clear their doubt anytime and anywhere. In upper classes when student’s studies go difficult they definitely need a teacher who can assist them personally and can clear their all doubts in each subject. Some important papers like mathematics, physics, and chemistry it is difficult to find the best teacher around you.

But due to internet facilities, it becomes easy to get the best teacher for each subject. Several websites are there on the internet that provides live classes for each subject, they upload the material related to each topic. This thing helps students in many ways especially those papers that are difficult to understand. Chemistry is one of the most challenging papers that require a lot of thinking and analyzing power in students.

When they have the best teacher, it becomes easy for them to learn. For N and O level study, chemistry tuition singapore is worldwide famous for its best tutors. They help in improving student’s grades. For good online tutors they must have some important characteristics so that they can emerge as a complete professional:

  1. They should have so much capacity for tolerance. Every student is different their thinking and understanding power varies from one another. May be it happens that a weak student takes more time to understand each topic. A tutor must keep patience and explain the topic until the student learns the topic very well.
  2. The tutor should have enough confidence to answer any question asked by the student anytime. His confidence help student to motivate towards their study.
  3. He must be so passionate about his job so that when any student needs his help he never denies for help. He must be passionate about studies. Always remind a good teacher is always a good learner. He keeps his studies regularly and tries to solve new sums.
  4. A good tutor must be good at written and verbal communication. Their way of understanding should be so easy that the student easily understands the topic.
  5. All the teaching aids help to teach the students should be present with a tutor. Some basic requirements like a dictionary, pictures, and learning videos they must have.