Now everyone logical in this world wants a leg up. In your career you want to be at the top of your field you want a good paid job. The employment field is very competitive, with people with many qualifications and others with a better edge at a good paid job.

But what can you do to find good paid job?

Branding – you want your name to be a brand in itself

  • Consultancy is a great way to get your brand out there. In your spare time consult for people start from as small as your close circle and the word will get out. You will be known for your work
  • Blogging, self-published e books and social media entries can also be a boost to your brand. In today’s world of the internet boundaries are a thing of the past. Getting up to international recognition for your work is a possibility just from a few clicks of a button. Join online groups related to your field and get the recognition. Post as often as possible and share those links to the groups you have joined.
  • Guest speaking– At industrial conferences, podcasts and even TV and radio interviews. Send your resume to different people and be who they call to when a question in your field is discussed. It will get more people talking about you.

Cross training in other related fields and short courses

Now you already have the training required for your field. Boost your resume with short courses. You can take a language which means if you are called upon to assist in translation or bridging gaps in the language you would prove helpful. Managerial courses and project management can also boost your resume you are saying not only can I bring my training to the table, but I can add onto that by providing all these extra skills

Market yourself as a leader in your field

Mentor a junior at your company; participate in training projects you want to show that you can take initiative. You want people to recognize that you can take charge given the opportunity. Volunteer your time and skills. You may not get that pay for volunteering but it will encourage people to want to give you a good paid job.

Apply to all the coveted positions

The requirements for a new job position might not be what you hold at the moment, but take a calculated risk and apply. Not only are you getting head hunters and different hiring experts about yourself such that in future they will have a clue of who you are. You will also be considered and notified when new position is available.

Research a company’s financial stability

No need of getting hired only to lose the job a little while later. If it’s a public company their information is readily available. Also ask around about the history of the company and its present shape.

Always have a strong resume nothing is too trivial for the resume do not shy off your accomplishments. Be confident and do not lose hope just keep at the process and finally you will get a good paid job