Importance of knowledge in respect of CBSE curriculum


Since the beginning of the world it has been very important for the human beings to make the best use of the knowledge so that they achieve great heights in every way of their life. To grow in any field, gaining as much knowledge as possible is very essential. It also helps in shaping our personality, perfecting our behavior and dealing people with patience and care. Knowledge helps to understand ourselves – the strengths and the weaknesses. Thus, knowledge helps us to navigate our lives and makes it better and fun and therefore it requires serious attempts to gather the best ones irrespective of what a person’s age is.

Acquiring the knowledge

Studies are important as it provides necessary knowledge-based tools to become good and contributing member in family as well as in the society. It enriches the human life not only with the knowledge but also with the skills that helps them to make the best use of it to make a better career in future. It can be assumed that the study can be of either any subject based or through own life. Subject based study helps to acquire knowledge of any specific subject whereas the life-based study continues till the last breath of humans as they continue to learn new things as they move into their every life stage. Thus, the main purpose of the subject based study is to make every student aware of what they will be dealing in future to be responsible and successful.

Concept of CBSE Curriculum

As the present scenario of India deals with different types of curriculums. It is upon the student and the parents to choose the best one that suits the student’s ability. The CBSE education structure is having such kind of curriculums that not only allows the student to study rigorously but it helps them to develop skills at the same time. All the subjects and their contents are very much accustomed with the needs of a student to grow the knowledge base especially CBSE mathematics class 10. This subject with its choosy structures makes the students well aware of their problem solving and analytical skills efficiently.

CBSE mathematics in class 10

Mathematics is a vast subject and especially when the student is in Class X from where he/she will be moving into the diverse world of future where the path is full of the need for analytical and problem-solving skills, CBSE is one of the bests for making the students well capable for dealing those. CBSE provides best contents in subjects like Mathematics and also offers Olympiads and scholarships schemes for the deserving students to enhance their knowledge base. Every single unit of mathematics provides detailed study materials and lessons throughout the year with unique weightage and question paper design for the board examinations.


The CBSE has the international level of syllabus that are useful for the student to connect with the world with latest technologies and thus CBSE maths model for class 10 is a well-structured content to mark the presence of a student in that future.