Planning To Enroll In UST-Legazpi Soon? Here’s A Quick Info Of What The University Offers

Planning To Enroll In UST-Legazpi Soon

Education is a transformational tool. It is a stepping-stone in achieving life-long dreams in pursuit of academic excellence and success. All of which is attained with the help of educational institutions and quality teaching. The challenge of producing globally-competitive students is the root of all set standards and goals of schools to teach the best form of learning – a commitment made by the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, the known Dominican school in the Bicol Region. The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi or UST-Legazpi is one of the many schools that seeks to provide valuable experience to its students with an aim for holistic development. Given the relentless efforts of the institution, it has continuously produced graduates in different fields. Whether you’re a high school graduate or a professional in need of further studies, UST-Legazpi is the best avenue for your academic pursuit. It’s a Catholic higher educational institution that you can trust. Over the years, UST-Legazpi has proven itself as one of the top-notch schools, not only in Bicol but in the entire country. To give you a short glimpse, here are the essential details that you might find helpful.

K-12 Ready

Armed with proper preparation and implementation, UST-Legazpi is K-12 ready. Starting from its learning materials to the pool of teachers or instructors, the Dominican university seeks to cater to the needs of students in various academic strands effectively. Currently, it is offering pre-elementary, elementary, and junior and senior high school levels.

College Teaching

UST-Legazpi is proud to teach with 23 programs in the College or Tertiary level. These programs are found in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education; College of Business Management and Accountancy; College of Health Sciences; and College of Engineering, Architecture, and Fine Arts. All of which are provided with necessary up-to-date materials. The university has celebrated its feat with having remarkable passing rate and top-notchers in licensure exams.

Extensive Research In Graduate School

The university likewise offers further studies for professionals. UST-Legazpi is a known graduate school Bicol. The extensive research is made with quality teaching and amplifies higher degree holders in the academic scene. Pursuing graduate studies in the UST-Legazpi is one of the best decisions to make.

Offers Law Studies

Apart from the programs offered, UST-Legazpi is an avenue for aspiring lawyers. It provides a college of law in Legazpi, Albay, which has continuously produced graduates and excellent lawyers in the field. The university seeks to create quality legal professionals, which are potential leaders of the country, to uphold the highest standard in rooting for justice.

Holistic Student Life

UST-Legazpi ensures that every student develops holistically. Embracing the Christian community, the university aims to help students succeed not only in the academic field but in moral and spiritual areas as well. UST-Legazpi is well-guided by its core principles under the Vision, Mission, and Goals. The pursuit of providing holistic development leads to effective and efficient teaching among students and their transformative journey.

transformative journey.

Final Word

Choosing the best school to study is challenging; however, it is easier once guided. With the quality of education or teaching offered by the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, years of studies within the institution is indeed worth it. As it aims to produce a globally-competitive student, academic excellence is of utmost priority to the university.