The Fascinating M Tech VLSI and Embedded Systems Course


There are numerous courses that can be pursued by the students of B.Tech (Electronics & Communication). The recent course of M Tech VLSI and Embedded Systems has caught the attention of many students in the world. It is an emerging course that focuses on the research and development of the Integrated Circuits and Systems.

It’s been one hell of a course. It requires the deep knowledge of the various circuits. The students should need to have a research-oriented mindset to pursue this course. The main reason to have such skills is that the majority of opportunities in this sector lies with the major multinational organizations. Hence, once the students study this course, they will most likely work with global leaders in research related to this sector.

The course generally has the following topics in their syllabus:

  • VLSI Technology
  • Advanced Digital Design
  • CMOS VLSI Design
  • Design with ARM Microcontrollers
  • Research Methodology
  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Advanced CMOS VLSI
  • Embedded Operating Systems & RTOS
  • Elective-1
  • Elective-2
  • Elective-3
  • Industrial Training

List of Elective – 1 Courses

  • VLSI Design Automation
  • Embedded Network Controllers
  • Embedded Software Design

List of Elective – 2 Courses

  • VLSI Testing
  • Introduction to MEMS
  • DSP Based System Design
  • Hardware Software Co-Design

List of Elective – III Courses

  • VLSI Digital Signal Processing
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Embedded Control Systems
  • Electronic Packaging

The opportunities are endless in this field after studying this particular course from a well-recognized educational institution. The students will learn immensely under the guidance of the proficient faculty members. They will also get the opportunity to world in the real-world scenario in the summer industrial training provided by the famous colleges and universities offering the aforementioned course.

The research sector is regularly given lots of encouragement by the Government of India to come up with exciting ideas of innovation in multiple sectors. This is where this sector is so important for the economy of our country. The research and development in this field is happening at an alarming rate. The students can also do the same with the help of Government aids, dedication and a bit of help from the professors of their respective institutes.

They just need to get the perfect education from a well-established educational institution in Kerala. It is the best place to learn the complicated research-oriented course without any stress or problem. The cool learning environment in this particular state will benefit the students a lot in understanding the multiple concepts efficiently without much problem. Hence, just visit the heavenly state because studying Electronics Engineering in Kerala is an experience of a lifetime.

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