What is the pattern of GRE Test 2019? Is it important to know?


Every test has a pattern and if you want to ace it you should know about it. Success in a test is not just about your preparation, intelligence or knowledge; it is about understanding of paper type too. If you don’t know about the test, its layout and pattern; you might be doing harm to your effectivity.

Talking about one important test ‘GRE” Graduate Record Exam, before you start preparing for it, make sure you know about Gre exam pattern. Once you know about the pattern you can prepare and perform in an effective manner. You know the test is conducted in two varied formats. These formats are like GRE General Test and that of GRE Subject Test.  The test pattern of gre helps to evaluate a candidate’s verbal, critical thinking, quantitative, and analytical writing skills. The GRE General Test gages the general aptitude in terms of academic skills of a candidate.

The skills get categorised into three segments: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. However, according to the GRE 2019 test pattern, the GRE Subject Test examines the knowledge of the candidates in specific fields such as Chemistry, Biology, and Literature in English, Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

Gre test is delivered in two formats: Computer-based test and that of Paper-based test.  Aspirants can opt for any type of the formats they want to appear for and the mention of the same has to be made during the GRE registration.  The test pattern 2019 of both the formats of GRE is somewhat similar.   It might add up to your information that aspirants can take the online GRE revised General Test once in every set of twenty one days. It is up to five times inside any continuous rolling twelve month period. The test pattern in both the formats in present time differs along with accordance to the Syllabus of GRE.

Why to tense yourself with pattern of the test?

Well, once you go through the pattern of the tests, you can easily plan up your strategies and methods of prep and performance. If you are not focusing on the pattern then you might end up ruining your performance on the final day of test.  Once know which type of segments would be in the test, how much time would be allotted and would there be any breaks in between; you can plan your overall performance in a better manner.

General GRE test

In the test pattern of 2019, the total duration of the Computer-delivered GRE General test would be three hours forty five minutes. There would be six sections having a ten minute break following the third section. The Unscored and the Research section would not count toward the usual GRE 2019 score. Research section could be included in place of the unscored segment. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections would be scored on one hundred thirty to one hundred seventy scales.


So, since you have a rough idea of pattern of GRE test in 20109, all the best and give your best.