What you need to know about the surfaces of the playground

Surfaces Of The Playground

The surfaces of playgrounds are made of materials that have a high impact on absorption efficiency every day. They are made from recyclable materials, one reason is that they are responsible for the environment, and the other is that elements that absorb shocks often become less effective after many years of use, so the use of natural substances deficient Means his loss every few years. Also, it is necessary to take into account the fact that there are not so many natural substances that meet the specific requirements to be an ideal cushioning material for playground surfaces. So, what qualities are we talking about and what materials meet the requirements?

Desired qualities on game surfaces

In addition to being good at absorbing shocks, these materials must be soft to the touch and very easy to care for and care for. The best brands in the market also offer some additional features in their playgrounds, most of which you will not find or will not need if your goal is to prepare the surface for young children, not for professional or amateur athletes. For children, the ability of the playground surface to prevent falls and prevent terrible injuries is essential. Everything else, such as durability, bactericidal capacity, and every unusual characteristic, is secondary.

The best material for game surfaces.

Of course, we do not consider the reflective peculiarity of creating floor mats resistant to microbes and primer coatings, but we think that this should follow the essential qualities of the surface. These are some of our solutions for adequate coverage of the gaming area.

  • Rubber padding: the most used flooring product is rubber padding. They look like small pieces of wood and bark, but in fact, rubber is the main component that is used to make the mulch, so the product becomes incredibly soft and light for a child who falls. Rubber covers are also environmentally friendly and cheap to buy. Rubber is also commonly used to make carpets, decks, and tiles that can be used in a variety of places, other than playgrounds, such as gym floors and martial arts rings.
  • Polystyrene shavings. If it were not for durability, polystyrene would be our best option. Polystyrene is light, light to the eye with a multitude of color options, and polystyrene products are resistant to severe weather conditions for months and even years in the end.
  • Sand: use sand only when you have run out of options. There are several serious problems associated with the sand, in fact, the authorities responsible for observing such things do not particularly like the sand, first, because it moves under the human foot, and secondly, domestic animals use sand for defecation!

Injuries that affect a child often affect the head, limbs, and face. Due to the lack of reliable protection of the land, each of these incidents can be a life-threatening injury. Insist that the administrators of the local amusement parks install the right playing surfaces.