10 Qualities All Excellent International Schools Have

International Schools

Excellent international schools have excellent students. Excellence should be front and center in your list of requirements when looking for an international school. Not all international schools are excellent so you need to look for one that will truly allow your child to excel and reach their optimum potential. To go about your search smoothly, you simply need to take note of the following qualities that all excellent international schools possess:

1st Quality: Academic Excellence

You could determine the level of academic prowess of an international school by figuring out the curriculum that it uses. An international school that seriously takes academic excellence to heart offers an international curriculum that makes it easy for students to be on par with other students in Western countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the United States. International curricula that top schools use are as follows:

  • Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • International Primary Curriculum
  • Edexcel
  • International Baccalaureate

2nd Quality: World-class Instructors

An excellent international school is home to world-class instructors. It should have local and international experts that can make it easy for your child to develop critical and creative thinking skills. World-class instructors have the following traits:

  • Centers teachings on development and world progress
  • Experts in their fields with advanced degrees
  • Open to collaborating with learners
  • Sees students as unique learners with different needs

3rd Quality: Personalized Education

An excellent international school will focus on educating your child in a unique and personalized way. It will provide tools and a battery of tests to determine the unique learning style of your child and will duly provide learning methods that suit your child’s needs. Your child will not feel pressured to participate in activities that they are not compatible with. They will get to learn concepts and advanced information through effective learning methods that suit their learning style and personality. A good example of an international school that follows this kind of dedicated method of learning is Harrow International School Hong Kong.

4th Quality: World-class Facilities

Excellent international schools have world-class facilities that foster advanced, explorative, and limitless learning. It is easy for children to discover and develop their potential if they have a space where they can easily research, experiment, explore, and collaborate. Excellent international schools offer such by providing advanced libraries, laboratories, performance halls, smart classrooms, and Olympic-size sports facilities — pools, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

5th Quality: Extracurricular Activities

Kids that make it through the strict college application process of top Ivy Schools like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge always have a spectacular set of extracurricular activities. Today’s top universities now know that academic excellence can be easily achieved. So much so that they now refer to a child’s extracurricular activities to determine a child’s true potential, skills, and capacity. Hence, you should look for an international school that will provide your child with all the possible options and opportunities for extracurricular activities. Excellent international schools always have a long list of extracurricular activities that your child can participate in.

6th Quality: Local Networks

Excellent international schools actively partner with local networks to foster advanced education and learning. They have ties with local businesses, NGOs, and government institutions to allow children complete access to different fields and industries that spark their interest. Excellent international schools share numerous collaborative programs with private institutions to provide training, seminars, and workshops for students in all possible areas.

7th Quality: Global Networks

Your child will have access to global networks if you will pick an excellent international school. Excellent international schools already have existing partnerships with global organizations that foster camaraderie between and among different students from international schools all over the globe. An international school will give your child access to international training, seminars, and workshops with other students from different international schools. It will also give your child the chance to compete, perform, and collaborate globally.

8th Quality: Flourishing Local Community

Excellent international schools know their role and place in the local community. They have active programs that cater to the needs of their local community across all endpoints. They do not turn a blind eye to the urgent need of students to be in touch with reality. Excellent international schools provide avenues that allow students to participate and help in solving local community concerns. An excellent international school will give your child all the chance to help others.

9th Quality: Reputation

You will know that an international school is excellent if it has a good reputation. This is something that will not be tricky at all to determine. You could determine this by talking to family, friends, and relatives and inquiring about different schools. Excellent international schools are always positively talked about and highly recommended by people. You can also do active online research to see how an international school is viewed locally and internationally. Include looking up graduates and years of active service when doing your research.

10th Quality: Support

An excellent international school has a dedicated support system for students. They will have accessible platforms and avenues that make it easy for students to reach out and ask for help. This sense of support is not limited to proper platforms. Such must also be felt and pervading in the school’s atmosphere. You could determine this by doing an ocular visit. Upon your visit, you should closely observe how students interact with the staff, crew, and faculty of an international school. You should determine if there is a warm sense of community. An excellent international school would have this.