Teaching Your Child to Thrive Academically, Socially, and Physically

Teens in gymnasium

Education may be the single most important aspect of your child’s life. Providing children with a solid, structured, quality education early on can impact the way they feel about themselves and school in the future. Additionally, a quality education could set your child on the path for success from the start. When choosing a learning centre for your child, you need to consider several different aspects.

Structured Curriculum

The best early learning centre provides children with a curriculum that spans social, academic, and even physical development of the child. Children learn by doing, so a hands-on curriculum outweighs one that offers only paperwork or strict in-seat learning time.

Social Curriculum

Socially, students need to feel that they fit in in order to develop certain components of their personality, such as empathy, compassion, and self confidence. These components develop from social practise. When children sense they belong, they become more socially aware and can take risks in their development. This will eventually lead to a greater sense of respect and tolerance for diverse populations.

Academic Curriculum

The most important component of education is, of course, the academics. Academic development, especially early on, helps children in their formal schooling later. Early learning of letter sounds, blending, and words can help encourage children to be lifelong readers and competent in their native language. Literacy and numeracy should be encouraged and can be explored through a number of venues such as movement, dance, arts, drama, and even media. Children should be talking, listening, viewing, reading, and writing. Exposure to a number of learning outlets will produce well rounded and curious students. Additionally, children encouraged to use technology will learn the value of using such technology for educational purposes, something growing increasingly more important in our culture.

Physical Curriculum

Physically, students need to get up and move. Fostering healthy ideas in young children leads to physical fitness and healthy eating habits later in life. Children form habits easily, and being taught that nutritious food is valuable is incredibly important. Finding a centre that provides outdoor sports time as well as nutritious food options is absolutely necessary.

What Should I Look for in a Learning Centre?

Early learning centres should provide a curriculum that is both challenging and rewarding; children should be encouraged to reach their social and physical milestones while at school. In addition to an advanced curriculum, a great centre should provide a comprehensive education. Getting children out the door in the mornings can be challenging. Finding a centre that provides food, nappies, and even wipes means that parents have less to carry out the door. Most important, though, is the qualified teaching staff. No matter how phenomenal a curriculum may be, without proper execution it will fail.

Since learning centres provide your child with the stepping stones to success, careful consideration should be given to all components.