Aerobatics Training — Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Even Without a Pilot License

Aerobatics Training

In the early days of aviation, merely being able to take to the skies on board a flying machine was a remarkable feat. Before then, people have always wondered what it would be like to fly soar through the clouds. Today, aviation has lost that magic as flying is much more commonplace with one exception — aerobatics!

As you might imagine, flying on a commercial aeroplane is nothing like aerobatics flying and being in control of a high-performance aircraft. Otherwise, people would stop going to airshows to watch death-defying stunts and wondering what it would be like behind the controls. If you feel the same way, then you’d be happy to know that there’s a way to find out, and you don’t have to pursue the path of a career pilot to do it. How is this so?

How aerobatics is no longer a novelty

You might think that flying an aerobatic aeroplane is an option that’s only available to a select few. After all, even regular pilots don’t possess the qualifications to do so and must undergo years of training to pull off acrobatic stunts on a high-performance aircraft safely. For this reason, most aerobatic pilots that you see participating in airshows are veteran fighter pilots who’ve earned their wings serving the Military.

That said, you don’t have to be one of these pilots to experience aerobatic flight first-hand. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a pilot license to start. How can that be?

Aerobatics Training for non-pilots

Now it might seem silly to ask what it takes to sit behind the controls of a high-performance aerobatic aircraft. Many would argue that the answer is simple — undergo pilot training and serve in the airforce! If you want to be a career pilot and a licensed expert in aerobatic aeroplanes, then sure. However, if you’re only after the experience, then there’s a far simpler and quicker path towards realizing your dream.

Today, just about anyone can experience aerobatic flight through the myriad of flying schools across the country. You need only purchase an aerobatic flight package from an accredited aviation school. You don’t need a pilot license and can jump right into accelerated training.

Now you can’t just board an aerobatic aircraft and take to the skies. Aviation schools that offer aerobatic experience provide the necessary ground training, including safety and aircraft manoeuvres. Once completed, you can then sit behind the controls of a real aerobatic aircraft and realize your dream. You won’t be doing anything too crazy, but you can bet it’ll be more than enough to get your adrenaline pumping. Of course, you won’t be flying alone for your first aerobatic flight. An experienced pilot will be there with you to act as a co-pilot and ensure your safety. The aircraft will be equipped with dual controls so your co-pilot can step in when deemed necessary. Other than that, you are free to live your dream of piloting an aerobatic aircraft and join the ranks of the few people to ever undergo Aerobatics training in Sydney.