Emerging Scientific Fields That Everyone Should Know About


It is a well-known fact that the field of science is filled with countless opportunities for us to explore. Domains are dynamic to such an extent that new subdomains are emerging without us even barely noticing it. Below are certain subdomains in the field of science that we ought to give its due recognition.

  1. Neuroparasitology

This domain studies the works of parasites on animals and human beings in particular. The scientists who conduct the study on the impact of the behavior of these parasites on the organisms are called neuroparasitologists. This field of study has been emerging due to the growing impact of these parasites in the nature around us.

  1. Quantum Biology

The term quantum has been in use frequently owing to the advancement in the field of technology and science by leaps and bounds. The term quantum jump is one such term used by tech enthusiasts across the globe to denote a phenomenal achievement. The advancement in the field of quantum biology is not confined to just laboratory experiments as scientists often observe things or particles vanishing from one place and appearing in another one.

  1. Nutrigenomics

This newly emerging domain studies the complicated dynamics between genetic expression and food. The different roles of genes being affected by nutrients, genetic variation and dietary response are observed by the scientists in this domain. Food impacts our lives on a molecular level as it is the real foundation of our health condition in particular. This domain focuses on how our dietary preferences affect our genes and vice versa. By doing the same, one would be able to match their dietary habits with their genetic composition.

  1. Cliodynamics

This is an interdisciplinary domain of research that links the analysis and building of historical databases, historical macrosociology, and long-term social processes with the mathematical modeling and cliometrics (economic history). Using this branch of science, one could study past social forces so that it would predict the future. One of the examples of cliodynamics is the research paper by Turchin that predicted social unrest.

  1. Synthetic Biology

This branch of biology deals with the construction and design of biological parts, systems and devices. For fulfilling different purposes, the redesign of a biological system (existing) is also carried out by this branch of study. In this system, discoveries are happening at a rapid pace even on topics like Photosynthesis and hence, one could not ignore the significance of this emerging domain.

Thus we have discussed certain emerging domains in the field of science in the points mentioned above. One could state beyond doubt that these domains would widen their impact on human lives in the years to come.