What to Consider When You Are Looking For Your First Piano Lessons


When you first consider piano lessons, the first thing you probably asked yourself is, which option is best? Yet, with so many different choices this can be a complex decision. So to help make your decision easier we’ve outlined some of the most common options below. That way you can start your research on your first set of piano lessons on the right foot.

One to One Tutoring

One of your first options, when looking into piano lessons is to decide whether you want to hire a local one to one piano tutor. This can be a good option if the student planning to take the lessons is shy. Studying with a tutor one to one can help them learn more confidently without any fear of social anxiety.

When contemplating this option, consider what your transportation expenses will be too, based on the distance of your tutor. They may also be able to visit your home and teach you there as well. So be sure to ask them about where the lessons will take place.

Online Piano Lessons

Depending on the tutor, online piano lessons can be a reasonable option. Some tutors do offer lessons online. However, be sure to look out for a tutor with experience. You’ll want to make sure your tutor has the necessary skills before you hire them. You can find this out by asking them directly or by checking out their profile, or website for details.

However, online lessons can prove challenging as well. With these types of lessons, it can be more difficult for your tutor to guide you than it would be if they were sitting beside you. So, in person lessons may prove to be the best option in the end.

Group Lessons

If the student who plans to take lessons loves to socialise, group lessons may also be an option. With piano this may involve one or two other students learning alongside each other. This can be a handy way for children to socialise and learn from each other.

Materials For Your Piano Lessons

In addition to your piano teacher, you may also decide to pick up some other materials like written books. These can help add to your lessons and give you extra practice outside of your lessons. These books will usually include music theory and sheet music with songs that you can use to practise.

Keyboard or Piano?

Choosing between keyboard and piano lessons can be a challenge. In the end, it may come down to which instrument is most easily accessible for you. If you live in a flat, a keyboard may be easier to practise on as they take up less space than a piano. Before you head out to purchase your instrument be sure to measure. That way when you get to the music store you’ll have a clear idea of whether you want to purchase a keyboard or piano for your lessons.

So that’s it, once you’ve settled on one to one tutoring in person or online lessons and chosen out your instrument and materials you’re all set. Now get ready to play the piano to your heart’s content!