Online Solutions for School DBS Checks


Following the Department for Education’s guidelines, all UK schools must be compliant with Ofsted and ISI requirements when hiring staff and with the state-of-the-art cloud-based system at Onlinescr, you can order DBS checks quickly and conveniently. The system was designed with schools in mind and once a school has registered, they can upload their existing SCR into the system and order online DBS checks and other recruitment checks with a click of the mouse.

How Does it Work?

This simple, yet effective online database has many features – when you have a job applicant, the system will send them an email that contains the online disclosure application and when that is returned, the applicant’s ID is verified and the application is sent directly to the DBS for checking. The results are automatically entered into the school’s SCR, making everything very convenient from the school’s perspective. There is a one-time registration fee and an annual fee for every SCR and any DBS or recruitment checks are invoiced to the school on a monthly basis.

The user interface is very easy to use and you can add staff members as users at any time, with the added benefit of having your SCR online, so you can access at any time and from any location. The system is encrypted to ISO 27001 standards and stored on a secure UK server, ensuring that your school records are completely secure and available at a moment’s notice, and all you need to access your records is a device and an Internet connection. Save time and money by registering your school and start to enjoy the many benefits that Onlinescr offers.