Why are Exams Important?

An examination is an important aspect as it decides the future of students, it opens up a host of possibilities and opportunities ranging from a prospective career to higher academic pursuits. From a student’s perspective, it might seem trivial and as a result, they might slack off. However, this can have drastic repercussions that will affect them for years to come. Therefore, ensure that you prepare well and provide your best efforts in the final exams. Following are a few study tips and tricks to help you secure more marks.

Structure and Presentation

Any student can present answers that are accurate and relevant, however, this is not enough to secure maximum marks. From a teacher’s perspective, if an answer paper is easy to comprehend, showcase proper structure, and exhibit neatness, then they will readily award marks for the students. Granted, presenting neat, well-structured answers might take time, and time is of the essence in an exam, but it will definitely pay off. Therefore, structure and presentation play a key role in awarding marks.

Practice until Perfection

Perfecting concepts or topics is similar to mastering a skill – it takes hours of practice and dedication to comprehend and replicate without flaw. Similarly, students should ensure that they devote adequate time to learn and understand the concepts. This is crucial as they do not have the luxury of time to formulate or structure answers in an exam.

One of the best resources to refer to for class 9 students is NCERT Solution Class 9. It has countless questions and answers designed to provide a deeper insight and enable students to think critically. Furthermore, practice will help students to cement their learning and recall the same with ease in an examination. Moreover, the chances of students distorting the information are minimized.

In conclusion, these two tips are essential to securing more marks in an exam. However, students do need other resources and tools to help them in their learning process. Resources developed by NCERT, such as exemplars, model question papers and books are very crucial for students.

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