The Positive Side of Students School Uniforms


You may hear sometimes people debating whether Australian students should have to wear school uniforms. What exactly are the pros to the wearing of school uniforms in schools?

Let’s take a little look at the most common pros for children wearing school uniforms.

It makes Mornings A Lot Easier for Parents

When school uniforms are mandatory and there’s no contest over what students are allowed to wear to school, every school day morning is a lot easier for parents and for children. Everyone is aware of what the children will be wearing, and that is their regulated school uniform. This certainly leads to less arguments happening in the morning.

Putting Uniform into Uniformity

Behaviour specialists have stated that a uniform contributes more positively to students’ behaviour. They claim that when students wear school uniforms, it makes them feel a lot more professional and they then behave accordingly. Many education experts are of the opinion that students become distracted by the latest fashions and any status symbol clothing. Accordingly, when every student is dressed in a school regulation uniform, there is much less focus on fashion trends in classrooms and much more focus on learning.

Dress Code Management

Those schools which have no school uniform policy still have some rules on what type of clothing is and is not allowed to be worn in school. There are sensible rules regarding modesty issues, logos, and repugnant text on clothing, symbols and more. It then becomes the job of teachers and administrative staff to watch over the students’ apparel. None of this happens, naturally when every student is smartly dressed in a uniform.

A Much More Even Playing Field

It’s a well-known fact that when all children are dressed the in the same uniform, there is less bullying and teasing. During the current era of status brands and fashion trends, clothing (sadly) has definitely become the categorical status symbol for children and teens. But by evening out the playing field with uniforms, there is less chance for any children to be picked on or avoided due to their clothing.

School Morale

When the whole student body is dressed in school uniforms, they establish a stronger bonding and team mentality and their all-for-one-and-one-for-all friendliness is increased. It can be quite surprising how many barriers are brought down, when you’re all in the same team!

Matters of Economics

The purchasing of school uniforms rather than a new school wardrobe every year is a lot more economical. School uniforms have been designed to withstand school day to day wear and constant washing enabling parents to purchase fewer sets.

Make the Weekend a Holiday

With the cash that parents can save by not having to purchase day to day clothes, why not let children choose some nicer and more fashionable items for weekends and/or evenings?

With the wearing of a uniform five days a week, it just might make students be grateful for their weekend clothing a lot more!