Why A Day Nursery Is A Great Choice For Your Child


None of us like being separated from our children at such a young age, but life must go on and we need to get back to work due to money issues, or the very real notion that we may lose our jobs if we don’t return. More and more women now, are independent and want to carve a promising career for themselves, while not losing out on the chance to have children. Thankfully, there is help on hand to assist the modern woman and mother, and it comes in the form of day nurseries. Some of the larger companies provide day care on site for their employees, but if you are not one of the lucky few, then getting your kid into a private nursery is the next step.


There are huge benefits to day nurseries and parents really don’t need to worry about putting their kids in the trust of these very professional institutions. These day nurseries like, Sandfield Day Nursery in Nottingham, help prepare your little one for primary school that is fast approaching. When your child mixes with other kids at a young age, it helps prepare them for when they begin primary school, and so creates a natural stepping stone from one to the other. It allows them to have better social skills and gets them used to being in a different environment, that that of their home.


Day nursery teaches your child to be independent at such a young age and prepares them for the school that will follow. Simple things like putting their toys and things away, or waiting for their turn, teaches them what to expect in the new chapter of their lives. Your kid gets to play in group structures and also by themselves with the staff member. As they play with other kids, they get more confidence that can only be beneficial in later life. Kids now have their faces constantly in devices and day nurseries teach them of the benefits and fun that can be had in the great outdoors.

Potty Training.

Playing is going to make your kid stronger, have better balance and be more coordinated. One of the hardest parts of bringing up your kid is getting them to use their potty. It can take quite a long time to get them to use it and to use it correctly. In day nursery, your child will learn about this basic requirement and will see other kids doing the same, and so will hopefully learn quicker, which leaves you more time to teach other things.

Social Skills.

Your child will learn things playing with other kids, that they won’t learn at home. You may try to act like a kid with them, but there is no replacement for a real kid and real fun. They will make friends and create bonds with them, which means they will be more sociable and they will develop more quickly. Remember, your child is being taken care of by a professional ,who has had a full night’s sleep, likes what they are doing, doesn’t mind changing nappies and cleans up after your child.

If after reading this article, you can’t see the benefits of day care, then I think you need to read it again. A little time away from your baby is not only good for you, but good for your baby.