Will Brexit Effect Our Future Education?


The moment the United Kingdom leaves the European Union; it will surely affect the politics and economy of the UK.

The combination of these two words- Britain and exit derived a new word that is known as Brexit. Many officials may refuse to acknowledge, however, Brexit could have an influential impact on the British education system.

Due to this decision, many questions and problems arise in the latest education news by FE News. Therefore, many people in the education sector are opposing this decision.

Brexit Has Given Rise To Some Questions Such As:

  • Where does this decision leave European Union scholars who are presently registered in British Schools?
  • What about the future of those thousands of European Union teachers who teach in Britain?

FE News has covered many important aspects of Brexit. The news site constantly gives reports about the effects of Brexit.

Effects Of Brexit On The UK Education

Employment Of Teachers

One of the major problems of Brexit in the educational sector is the relocation of those EU teachers who live and work in the UK. The major aftermath of Brexit is that the education of modern foreign languages in British schools and colleges will be negatively changed. As the majority of teachers in modern foreign languages are from European Union states. Therefore, it raises a problem for those students who wish to study modern foreign languages.

Teaching Qualifications

Another problem that ascends from Brexit is that the education staff now has to keep a profound judgment on is the acknowledgement of expert teaching qualifications that have been bestowed within the EU. Filling the place of multiple teachers with new and qualified ones will be a hectic job for the teaching staff.

Teacher’s Rights And Recruitment

With the relocation of the EU teachers, remaining teachers need to fill their places until the new one arrives. The lack of teachers will surely affect the annual leave, holiday pay, rest breaks, maternity leave, the physical and mental health of the remaining teachers. Even though the board of education ministry of the UK ensures to maintain the rights of teachers, however, until the day arrives teachers have to work endlessly.

Students From The EU

Almost 10% of students who attend the UK’s independent school are from overseas. Therefore, attending the UK school after the implementation of Brexit will be very difficult for these students.

A large part of the financial sector is affected especially the passport department. Since the announcement of Brexit, many people are visiting the passport department for cross-border trading and overseas education.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Brexit has an adverse effect on the British education system and these changes seem inevitable.