Thinkific Pricing Comparison with Other Alternatives

Thinkific Pricing

In this digital everyone prefers to gain knowledge through online course platforms. Considering this, Thinkific has developed advanced features with the best pricing.

You’ll learn that online learning has several benefits, including more scheduling flexibility, the potential to reduce the cost of your degree, and the ability to grow your career while continuing your education.

There are also other alternative options for online course builders, who offer various plans and features. By considering everyone has different choices in choosing their plans. Hence they came up with a diverse range of plans with advanced features for you. Now let’s explore them:

Thinkific vs. FreshLearn

Thinkific is a technology firm that assists individuals and organizations in transforming their knowledge into fantastic online course platforms. The Thinkific pricing can be classified into three plans: free, basic, start, and grow. If you’re comparing platforms and their pricing, might offer further insights.

Free: $0 per month

  • Trial and drive options
  • Email features for enrollment

Basic: $49 per month

  • Cost-effective option for people
  • Features with affiliate programs

Start: $99 per month

  • Designed for course creators like you
  • Combine several courses by enrolling on this plan

Grow: 199 per month

  • mobile and email support
  • bulk student emailer


FreshLearn is known for being the best digital course platform when compared to other course platforms because of its user-friendly features. Their online course builder offers various features, such as digital downloads, masterclass, webinars, product bundles and memberships. The FreshLearn pricing can be classified as free, pro, and no brainer.

Free: $0 per month

  • No transaction fee
  • Unlimited digital products
  • Custom branding
  • Testimonials
  • 20/7 live chat and support call

Pro: $29 per month

  • Has website builder
  • Custom certificate options
  • Live classes
  • Unlimited enrollments
  • One administrator

No brainer: $49 per month

  • Randomize Q&A
  • Question bank
  • Affiliate Program
  • Advanced integrations
  • 3 Administrator

Now compared to Thinkific pricing, FreshLearn has come up with the best course builder’s planning and advanced features. Therefore if you are someone who is compassion about building a successful online business, then choose the FreshLearn online course platform.

Thinkific vs. Podia

Podia bills itself as an all-in-one platform for the sale of online memberships, coaching services, webinars, and digital downloads. It can be used to create online courses, membership sites, or digital download sites.

Free: $0 per month

  • Community
  • Access for admin

Basic: $49 per month

  • Accelerator program
  • Manage courses

Start: $99 per month

  • Create and manage assignments
  • Topic related quizzes

Grow: 199 per month

  • Two administrators
  • Automate tasks

Podia pricing plan and features are:

Free: $0 per month

  • Full website
  • Email marketing

Mover: $33 per month

  • No transaction fees
  • unlimited download

Shaker: $75 per month

  • Affiliate
  • Third-party code

Thinkific vs. Teachable

Teachable offers coaching, and downloadable content to enable creators to connect with their online audiences and earn money according to their own terms. Take a look on Thinkific plan and features:

Free: $0 per month

  • Course content
  • No transaction fees

Basic: $49 per month

  • Custom domain
  • Promotional campaigns

Start: $99 per month

  • Membership programs
  • Interactive discussions

Grow: 199 per month

  • Two administrators
  • Automate tasks

Teachable plan and features:

Free: $0 per month

  • Email support
  • One admin and author seat

Basic: $29 per month

  • 5% transaction fees
  • Live group coaching

Pro: $99 per month

  • 0% transaction fees
  • Public API access
  • Removable branding

Thinkific vs. Kajabi

One of the expensive learning management systems is Kajabi. It will be helpful if you are an experienced course marketer who does not want to worry about technical details. Let’s start by comparing the pricing and features of Thinkific and Kajabi.

Thinkific pricing and features:

Free: $0 per month

  • 100% revenue generation
  • Access to community

Basic: $49 per month

  • Organize discussions
  • can promote your course

Start: $99 per month

  • Practical exercises
  • Real-time instruction

Grow: 199 per month

  • Remove branding
  • Share data

Kajabi plan and features:

Basic: $149 per month

  • 0% transaction fee
  • Product access up to 3

Growth: $199 per month

  • Affiliate Program
  • 24/7 chat support

Pro: $399 per month

  • Contacts up to 100,000
  • Custom code editor

Thinkific vs. Mighty Networks

It is an LMS platform and online community targeted toward marketers, trainers, teachers, and creators. It is primary unique selling points include feature-rich communities and mobile apps with personalized branding.

Thinkific pricing and features:

Free: $0 per month

  • Custom features
  • Zero transaction fee

Basic: $49 per month

  • space for students to engage
  • admin control

Start: $99 per month

  • edit website code
  • custom layout for branding

Grow: 199 per month

  • professional experience
  • bulk student emailer to send messages

Mighty Network plan and features:

Community: $33 per month

  • Live video streaming
  • For beginners

Business: $99 per month

  • Analytics and member data
  • Zapier API & Workflows

Mighty Pro: Check their website

  • While-labelled web and app experience
  • Strategy and Migration Service and support

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a fantastic LMS application ideal for academic-focused training course builders. It includes interactive videos, eBooks, 1:1 and group sessions, assessments, certificates, questionnaires, and many more elements to engage learners better.

Thinkific pricing and features:

Free: $0 per month

  • Maximize your earnings
  • Additional course materials via email

Basic: $49 per month

  • Live chat support
  • Create and offer coupons for your courses

Start: $99 per month

  • Different assignments
  • Access to video conferencing tools

Grow: 199 per month

  • API Access
  • Enrol multiple courses and learn simultaneously

LearnWorlds plan and features:

Starter: $24 per month

  • Unlimited paid course
  • Connect your tools

Pro Trainer: $79 per month

  • Unlimited free and paid course
  • Affiliate management
  • Advanced Hubspot

Learning center: $249 per month

  • Android & iOS apps
  • Program reports/ user segments

High Volume & Corporate

  • Multiple daily backups
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Dedicated guidance

Final Thoughts

Thinkific pricing and plan offer various features for aspiring course creators. If you are looking for an alternative option for Thinkific, then choose the best FreshLearn. Hence clearly, they offer viable features at affordable pricing for everyone.